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To buy a curtain ☆

Yesterday、It contains the rough a little modification of your job

If you are I'm going to do it today

Hurriedly Nitori and because the husband says "Let's go to buy a curtain."

I went to got a atopy of the coercive Shimekusuri in incidentally dermatology on the way back。


Hurriedly came and that there is no Nyaanara Yara day-to-day All told

- the cardboard clean up of the room is not at all proceed😅


I have to say that "- but it'll take about a year I put away of moving" a friend is

"eh⁉️Than a year -😱⁉️But I thought I "

(More impatient I'll do every little day-to-day、Because once school you want to clean up concentrate on if do😆)

Well that direction(Put away over a period of about one year)I thought also there and I wonder if。

None not mean a certain time limit、I wonder if I should go to clean up when there Yururi To time。


But it gonna such kind of thing I Well live with my family - and I think nowadays😌(One after another coming is errands except that of their own)

Myself if the time of the single I had Innovation After being disturbed by Iran because it was the highest priority of life ...

Because it is to afford a certain schedule is now、Do tomorrow if could not be today。


Wonder if also fun such life pace🍀I think。

↑ This pattern cute - is not it the light-shielding and think - why? ? Tsu or strategy to buy two? !


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