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An illustration&Art Ushiyama Ayumi
Illust&art Ayumi Ushiyama
1971Year Born in Tokyo。Tokyo residents。
1994Year Joshibi design Graduated from。
Ad-based illustration production company after joining
2000A free illustrator than a year。
2001Year Ushino Ayumi website launched。
Magazine book、Advertisement、character、We work in a wide range of touch, such as illustrations of picture books。
* Exhibition and Awards, etc. *
A group exhibition participation of galleries Kido water of Koshigaya Starting
Ginza Bar Tok Gallery、Millet Ja Gallery、Shinjuku Nitee - exhibition、
We have just a number to participate in group exhibitions such as。

  • - at Omotesando Pinpoint Gallery、Kumiko MATSUKURA and two-person exhibition (2015)
  • Solo exhibition at the Omotesando OPA Gallery(2018year)
  • Tokyo Sky Tree Art 2014 TSA Award。
  • Tokyo Sky Tree Art fiscal 2016 Excellence Award。
  • Bar Tok gallery picture book Juku 5,6Graduating class。
  • Thoms box workshop 2014 summer students。
* Your work destination are taken care of (in recent years) *
Shogakukan、Child headquarters、World Cultural Society、Cosmic Publishing、Gijutsuhyoronsha、
Million Publishing、Byakuyashobo、Light document Institute、Nova publishing company、Froebel-kan、Education Press、
Meiji book publication、sugar、And many other production companies and design offices(Titles omitted)
* Art supplies and operation environment *


*Watercolors、Gash、pastel、Watercolor pencils、he

* We accept at any time request of illustrations。
*Inquiry mail form
Bird illustrations