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An illustration&Art Ushiyama AyumiAyumi UshiyamaOf is the home page。

Tokyo-based illustrators - is。
An illustration、Art、Request of picture book production、We accept at any time。

○ Welcome board etc .. portrait illustration will work!
Color to you or loved ones anniversary。

○ Ushiyama Ayumi (Ayumi Ushiyama) Biography

Born in Tokyo。Tokyo residents。
Joshibi design Graduated。
Through the advertising-based illustration production company work、
2000year、It became a freelance illustrator。

Production in magazines books, advertising-character picture book of illustrations, such as a wide range of touch
TSA Award Tokyo Sky Tree Art 2014、2016Year Award for Excellence

We accept at any time request of illustrations。

Ushiyama Ayumi * Ayumi Ushiyama
Uschi icon stamp type with stamp

We are the illustrations and art production。
We were children love to draw a picture from when with discretion。
(Previous life is very convincing to hear recently that it was a French painter!)
Now or serve you of people through its favorite picture、Or you can be glad、
I feel very happy that forward to once again or can express themselves。


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